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Contribution d'origine par : Chris Green ,


the powerPC architecture isn't slow, it works differently then the x86(Intel) architecture. PowerPC's in general are faster then their x86 counterparts, a 400Mhz PowerPC G4 could easily out-peform a 1Ghz PIII, in speed and workload.  The 1.6Ghz PowerPC G5 could work much faster than a 3Ghz Xeon at the time as well, and most likely, the G5 Quad 2.5Ghz could beat a dual core iMac or Mac mini.  My powermac g4 doesn't have streaming issues, it can stream youtube and online video fine.  It has a single 1.25Ghz PowerPC G4, and doesn't have any of those issues. what version of mac os do you have? leopard might support netflix streaming, it  does on mine.  but you can't make a powerpc emulate an x86 processor, PowerPC is a RISC(Reduced instruction set computing) architecture and x86 is a CISC(Complex instruction set computing) architecture, so they have no cross compatibility, with out rosseta, but that it intel to powerpc, not the other way around.