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Contribution d'origine par : Jim Copeland ,


There are any number of Like New Yashica cameras available on E-Bay some were bought and are still in thier original boxes and packing. Throw out the one that you have and buy a new one on e-bay......... The very best will probably cost no more than $100.00 As digital takes hold these 35mm SLR cameras fall further and further out of Favor If you wait another year or two they may even give you one. I just bought 4 FX3 Super yashicas on e-bay for 175.00 Brand new and with the 50mm 1:7 lens included-- If one screws up I will just take off the lens and throw the body away-- I put them all through the paces and they are exactly as they were back in the 70s ( I only think that tey are from that era  (dont quote me) I just gave one to my daughter and if she drops it I dont care I will just give her another. If we dropped one when they were at thier peak of popularity it would have been the end of the world. Good Luck. JC