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Contribution d'origine par : Luke ,


I have had problems with my iPod touch 5 g too I have had it ever seens it came out and it always work fine intill the new update came out 1st it was wifi wouldn't work then I updated it to iOS 6.3 or what ever it was then iOS 7 came out and I didn't updAte it right away and then my ipod wouldn't charge at all and I tryed like 6 other chargers and it wouldn't change then I updated just to see it that would do anything and it did it charges fine now and I'm no the only 1 that these thing have been happening to samething happen to my brother and sister they both got a ipod when I did and 3 of my friends that got the ipod around the same time i did the samething happened to all of them I think Apple is making us update or the 6 of us got messed up iPods just try updating it if your not on iOS 7