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Contribution d'origine par : Dan ,


This series of system has a PATA optical drive so the I/O through it will be slow. You have the best configuration for this system now.

As to why it wouldn't boot up the other way around was due to the SSD being too fast for the firmware boot logic when you had it in the optical bay carrier.

The SATA link speed being reported is what the I/O is to the converter logic within the carrier not the link as a whole. In fact it's lying to you as the links limit is the PATA ports limit (slowest part of the total link).

It is what it is here, sorry. But look at the bright side of things you have quick loading OS & Apps! From the SSD.

As for TRIM that doesn't effect speed only how the OS recovers space on the SSD (a good thing!)

I would cleanup the HD in any case as a drive that full tends to frag up more. Do you have a defrag app like '''Drive Genius'''? if not I would get one. I like Drive Genius as it offers more than just defrag it's my swiss army knife when it comes to HD & SDD storage maintenance.