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Contribution d'origine par : Brian ,


My system is the 2.4Ghz Penryn Core 2 Duo with the Nvidia 320m GPU. Not the latest and greatest but for my photo editing, using my Mac has been a most amazing tool with Aperture.

The model of mine is a stock unit (MC47LL/A) that I picked up at Best Buy and upgraded to it's current specs listed with my HDD and 8GB memory upgrade (Samsung matched originals from Data Memory Systems and has performed extremely well with a improvement overall in comparison to Mountain Lion but working in Photoshop and Aperture has slowed a bit as the apps have grown more complex and file sizes increase. Thanks to the 7200RPM HDD has helped a bit.

In all my Macs I have used matched pairs of memory modules as I am very well aware of the issues that running mixed modules can bring. I'm already running OS X Mavericks ever since public release and have had no problems (only a gripe ever since moving on to Lion and losing Front Row as I loved watching my content on my 27" ACD)

So the upgrades on my system I have not skimped out on with questionable quality components. As stated before when upgrading to 8GB of memory, both sets of modules were Samsung parts from the 4GB to the upgraded parts. After upgrading, I ran my AHT DVD to make sure my memory were good parts.

To make things clear, my machine is more than just a browsing or general use Mac, the real killer has been my GarageBand projects where the extra memory is a godsend along with working in high PPI documents in Illustrator and Photoshop.

I have no problem with my CPU and my Mac still looks like new, I'm just wondering if double the memory whilst running Mavericks will improve from my current specs to double the memory without running into the OS compressing my documents in RAM as it is.