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Contribution d'origine par : Richard ,


Good to hear; I'm going to try the same thing.

The mostly-working Mac Mini A1176 I just picked up also has a failing optical drive. It seems to have no problem with CDs and CDRs; occasionally reads DVDs and DVD-ROMs but usually spits 'em back out, and never accepts DVD-Rs or DVD+R/DLs (purple substrate).

The existing drive claims to be a Matshita UJ-846-C (aka Panasonic) and is also labeled Apple Super 846CA. Checks seem to indicate the UJ846C costs around $50 on eBay and more at retail (although it seems to cost $199.95 [|here on ifixit]).

But several Panasonic UJ-846-Bs are selling for much less over on [|eBay], so I'm going to try that first.