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Ouch! That a a bummer ;-{

Sorry to say there's very little you can do here. In fact if you are not careful here you could end up making things worse if the files are recoverable.

At this point it will be expensive! You will need to send your hard drive to a data recovery outfit to open the drive up in a clean room to try to fix the drive enough so they can recover the data. If your luckily they ca get it all. Sometimes the disk is to far gone to save anything and then sometimes the data is swiss cheese missing parts.

Don't try opening your hard disk your self as it takes so little dirt to kill the drive and even if you open it you don't have the needed tools or parts to fix it.

How important are the files? I always recommend having two or more copies of your files as you never know when a fire, theft, or loss event happens, let alone equipment failure.