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Contribution d'origine par : Nick V ,


True, '''CDMA phones do not work on SIM technology'''; ''however'', '''all LTE caable CDMA phones have an embedded SIM with a unique hard-coded ICCID that the network uses for LTE authentication'''. If the hard-coded ICCID belonged to a phone that was reported lost or stolen, it gets blacklisted just like an ESN/IMEI would.

'''It is not an actual SIM card'''. It is a surface mounted chip, one of those small black rectangles on the board, with no visible soldering joints. Because of this, it requires hot air rework to be removed (hot-air pencil). A regular soldering iron won't cut it.

It is a litttle smaller than one square cm, and will say something like:

<letter and some numbers>

<first 10 digits of the ICCID>

<last 10 digits of the ICCID>


I literally, not 5 minutes ago, swapped one from one of my Sprint Galaxy s3's to another.

The donor is a 16gb with some water damage, and had an embedded SIM with a clean ICCID. The target is a fully functional 32gb board that I bought used, but the embedded SIM has a bad ICCID (so no LTE). Swapped the bad one with my original good one, and now I have working LTE on the 32gb.

Look into surface mount soldering/desoldering. Basic tools will set you back '''at least''' 60$.