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Yes, and no....

It probably will not work the way you wish it would, to be able to play the iPod through the stereo. However, if you designate part of the iPod as a hard drive *and* you store songs on that hard drive in mp3 format *and* your stereo will play mp3 files from a USB memory device it *should* work.

See Apple's support for how to designate part of your iPod as a Hard Drive or use this link:

Another option would be to use an Aux input on your stereo with a cable like this:

Note: If you use this cable, turn your iPod volume all the way down and your stereo volume to less than 1/4th and turn the iPod volume up very slowly. If the iPod volume is too high you will get bad distortion. You want your stereo to do most of the amplifying (it was designed for that).