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Contribution d'origine par : Country Computer Service ,


In response to your last question...

Well, if your a hobbyist and enjoy spending all that time that is one thing. But, if you run a repair business (or even do repair work on the side), you could be working on a pc or other device and make $125 in an hour, buy a new 22" monitor, and recycle this one. I know I didn't answer your specific question, but, just a little thought for anyone out there that pops into the thread (and like me) sometimes gets obsessed with "I WILL FIX THIS"

We have all been there, if your kinda pressed on cash, you can find 20" LCD monitors at GoodWill stores for $30. Or, for $99+ find a decent mfg. refurbished (with warranty) lcd somewhere like newegg with $4.99 shipping.

Again, from your last question, I would just suggest you ask yourself is it worth spending all your time on an easily replaced monitor vs using that time and getting paid for that time?

~ cheers ~