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Contribution d'origine par : jgts85 ,


After replacing my screen with a screen replacement, at least for my case I think I found the solution.

My symptoms: ghost clicks, touches not detected, sometimes even battery problems (battery would not charge, displaying wrong charge and random reboots).

I noticed that, when holding the phone in certain positions, some (or even all) of the ghost clicking would stop, and basically the screen could work flawlessly. After reading boomvalk's answer on possible contact with connectors and aluminium parts, since my bottom screws (the ones around the lightning connector) were lost, I decided to give it a try.

Moved the small protective tape from the original broken screen to the new replacement screen, but unfortunately, no success. Then, I noticed that, the back of the screen replacement had the aluminium part exposed completely, as opposed to the original screen which had some kind of protective black layer. I also remembered that, my screen replacement came with a pink plastic cover on the back, which I think was meant to be discarded when installing it. I decided to put it back on and then close the frame and turn it on.

And voila! it works! I am not sure what part of the aluminium back of the screen  replacement was making contact with some other electronics inside the phone, but nonetheless the thin pink plastic cover covered it, and now it is working flawlessly for one day, holding the phone in as many positions as I could.

Hope this post helps someone who has this problem, and sorry for my bad english, since english is not my first language.