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Contribution d'origine par : Thomas Padgett ,


reseat your hard drive make sure connections are fully seated., if you hear the drive spinning that's good. Does this mac have a BIOS setup? it's possible that your bios firmware doesn't support features on this drive. usually you can upgrade the firmware (get it from apple) but before you do that, take that hard drive out, and try it in another computer, doesn't matter if it's pc or mac. See if the other computer detects it, if it doesn't the drive is dead. If it does work in another computer, the issue is definitely with the mac-book, that's when I'd check on bios firmware updates. Nothing looks broke from the pictures, if you can show bios setup pictures it would help but I suspect you have a bad hard drive. Just because it's a new drive, doesn't mean the guy at best buy didn't accidentally drop it before you got it. :)