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Contribution d'origine par : Jtag ,


Agree with Eric maybe remove screw pull drive and put back in see if that works. If still doesn't work if you have a different laptop even one that doesn't power on try to remove the DVD drive from that laptop if the connector is the same on back of drive as your laptop you can Frankenstein to work with yours by swapping brackets on back of drive then you can usually swapp the front bezel of DVDs drive so it works with your laptop. There should be I tiny hole on front of drive put paper clip in there it will pop out drive then there are usually a couple clips that hold it on just be careful and pop off and swap them. If works your done if not then may have driver issue try deleting and reinstalling drivers may work if not check to see if random virus causing issue (malwarebytes and super antispyware) if not then lastly reinstall os if still bad then bad logic board connection.