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you will have to put your iPod into DFU Mode and Restore:

Connect your iPod to your computer

Turn your iPod off

For 10 seconds, hold both the Home and Power buttons

While still holding the home button down, release the power button only! Continue to hold the home button down for an additional 10 seconds.

After the dialog box explaining that the iPod was found in recovery mode has been closed, restore your iPod

If iTunes does not recognize the iPod, then you should reinstall iTunes

This video should help you get into DFU Mode

I tried the above and it still didn't work. neither the computer or itunes is recognizing the ipod. this is a used ipod that i bought off ebay as is. i'm still at a loss. any additional thoughts

michelle, April 9, 2011

It sounds like your iTunes drivers are not working correctly, to fix this reinstall iTunes, and if it still does not work try it on a different computer.

Tristan, April 9, 2011

also, after you reinstall, you can watch this video for additional help:

Tristan, April 9, 2011

unfortunately i have tried everything above and nothing is working. i found tys video as well. i am wondering if something is wrong with the usb port on the ipod. could that be possible? the ipod seems to be charging very slowly as well. i'm hoping this is something i can fix or i'm out the money i spent on ebay......grrrrrrr lol

michelle, April 10, 2011

i cant thank you enough, you have been a big help. don't worry i will never hesitate to ask - that is the best way i learn. i'm pretty tech savy when i set my mind to it and the best way i learn is hands on. again, ty so much for your help

michelle, April 10, 2011

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