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Contribution d'origine par : Rosaleen ,



Ever since contracting into my Acer Liquid 3 phone, I have echo problems. First of all I cannot get a network signal where I live, but I am able to use the phone as I have WiFi at home. However when using the WiFi there is an echo which only the person who receives my call hears (I don't hear it). Incidentally when using the network away from the house calls do not incur echos, so the problem is only when in a WiFi area. After weeks of frustration and experimenting with all sorts of ways to rectify the situation (my network local shop stated they had never heard anyone have an echo on their phone and I was unique!!!!!!) I have found that if I wear the earplugs supplied with the phone or any other earplugs this actually works. The person to whom I am speaking does not hear an echo! I know it is not the ideal way to conduct a telephone conversation but belief me I find it wonderful that there is no echo, as do the people I am speaking to, and also I did find it very hard to hear and this means people are speaking directly into your ear and the volume has greatly improved. When on Speakerphone the echo was unbearable, so I never use it. Don't need to as the earphones are great. I trust that this helps someone to solve their own problems. Worth a try anyway. Good Luck.