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Contribution d'origine par : Jeff ,


Hi,  I had this issue as well.  After much searching and conflicting info (even on Microsoft site) I eventually found the answer.

Problem. Charger connected, right swipe showed power connected but empty battery.  Unplugging charger meant Surface 2 RT shut down. Connect charger and power up, got repair message.

Solution that worked for me.  Went into Device Manager (Search Device Manager), deleted the second entry under the Battery section.  Shut down the Surface completely.  Plugged in charger, waited 20 minutes and now there is a white line showing in the battery icon.  Waited another 20 minutes and the white line is thicker - enough to allow updates to download and install.

As part of the problem solving over some hours, I had reset the Surface to factory default - which was probably not a bad idea anyway as a rebuild often corrects most problems (but not in this case).  Hopefully this will help others.