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Contribution d'origine par : tonyspijker ,


If the machine is dry again, The electronics might be okay. the problem now is the conical grinding disks (or burrs) the rims are filled with wet coffee ground. and the grinder will not grind anymore. the grinder motor notices not enough resistance and the computer says "no beans" in the display. you have to open the machine, find the grinder, don't remove the grinder, only unscrew the top of the grinder (the part that adjusts the coarseness of the grind). lift out the top burr (leave the bottom one in place) and you will see they are filled with coffee sludge. gently clean the rims with a wooden tooth pick or so and check if the shoot that delivers the ground coffee to the brew unit is clean and not blocked. now put it back together again and it will work again. (English is not my first language)