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I just want to thank all the contributors on this thread. This morning, I, too, dropped my tablet (onto a carpeted floor) and ended up with a black screen although I could tell it was still working otherwise. I was upset since I've only had it a few weeks and since I bought it used, well... There went my major investment of Christmas money.

But, with a couple of YouTube videos, and all the suggestions I saw here and other forums where people really do try to help each other, I managed to fix it. Getting the back off was a trial, though and nerve-wracking for an only modestly technical person.

The first time round, I got the screen working but couldn't do any finger swipes, and the S-Pen was intermittent. So off came the back again. This time I made SURE the two cables at the very top (including what I presume is the digitizer) were really and truly aligned with the white guidelines next to the sockets. The tolerances are amazingly tight (every millimeter counts).