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Permanent Solution to Logitech diNovo Edge Planned Obsolescence Battery Problem

If you don't really need a wireless keyboard, here's a permanent solution that is working for me.

Main parts required:

- Jameco Electronics 1-Amp Power Supply Kit, Item # 117621 ($14)

- case opener

- small screwdriver

- quick connect

- small box

- male connector to draw power from your PC's power supply

- 2-conductor low-voltage wire

You need to know how to open the keyboard. The video from Newpower99 shows you how.

1. Build and test the power supply.

2. Adjust the voltage to about 4 volts. Dialing it in precisely is a little hard. Mine is set to 4.1 volts and it seems fine. The battery states a rating of 3.7 volts, but when I first adjusted the power supply it didn't work. I checked the output on the battery, and saw on my DMM that it was putting out a bit over 4 volts. They keyboard draws about 40 milliamps so you don't need to worry about sucking too much power from your computer.

3. Remove battery and solder your leads to the battery connector cable. I forget the polarity, just copy the polarity shown on the battery. The center contact on the battery is for a thermistor and it sends 4 volts. They keyboard won't work unless you bridge one of the leads to the center contact as well.

4. Make a small hole in the keyboard case, run the line out to your quick-connect.

5. Run the quick-connect to your computer. I'm pulling 12 volts off the yellow wire, but it will probably work pulling 6 volts off of the red wire too.

No more battery charging issues.

No more waiting for charging the battery.