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Thanks so much! I followed your advice which was more accurate than the guide that led me to this link.  The only thing I would add is that I had to depress the power button while tapping the volume up button a second time after the Android robot with an exclamation point appeared in order to get the recovery menu to pop up. Still, it got me to a factory reset without having to replace the reset button.  Also, my system storage space was used which is ridiculous since it only allows you 1Gb "Nandflash" & I had plenty of storage space available on both my 32 Gb SD card & had only used a few Gb of the supposed 16 Gb HD.  After lengthy research, I determined that any items you install besides maybe photos & music gets stored directly into your measly 1Gb RAM (aka Nandflash) & only a tiny portion can be moved onto the SD card.  Whoever designed this tablet must have decided that you would only use this tablet to take pix or store music so maybe that is why it is advertised as good for kids as it is sturdy & the charge lasts longer than some other tablets I purchased.  It does not work for my child because she likes to play games. (I gave her the $250 IPOD Touch I won by completing a lengthy IT survey & she loves it.)  My husband is OK with his Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D because he primarily uses to listen to music videos on you tube.  I did find out that it may be possible to customize it but the instructions seemed cumbersome and risky & I did not wish to brick it. (It would be really great if Visual Land would offer the drivers for their Rockchip 4033 device but I am not holding my breath for that release) As such, I saved some $ until I could afford to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy android 4.1 tablet 16 Gb HD with 2 Gb RAM at twice the price from techforless.  I am an IT specialist & everyone I asked recommended the Samsung Galaxy including the DELL repair technicians.  I purchased the cheaper tablets with different android operating systems, JELLYBEAN & ICECREAM because I needed to learn how to support tablets for my job.  I stayed away from KITKAT because the guiding rule of thumb in IT is to always avoid the latest release of anything until the manufacturer has worked out the bugs and it is fully supported by the software developers. The only other tablet that was reasonably priced that I really liked for games was the HKC P771 series but it's only 8Gb storage/ 1 Gb RAM and I killed the battery because of the 5 hour charge limit - it still runs hot (always has to be plugged in to the charger)  Again at only $70, it's not as sturdy as the Visual Land but it used the SD card effectively and it was a pretty good starter tablet.  I also killed a battery on a FileMate tablet on which I have yet to attempt any repair.  My brother gave me a ViewSonic G Tablet which looks great & seems really sturdy but, like the Visual Land, has limited use because of the difficulty involved with installed apps.  However, there appears to be a lot more forum support for it so I may try to customize the operating system.  I hope this helps you which is why I included all the additional data. In closing, I wish you all good luck & please share your experiences - both good & bad - with the rest of us because trial by fire is very stressful & I wouldn't wish it on anyone.