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Replacing FPC Digitizer Connector



Finally its happened to me - I broke 2 golden pins of the digitizer connector on the logic board.

I'd like to replace it and I dont have soldering experience of parts that small.

Fortunately I have a dead board to train on.

The question is: how to replace it not removing the whole logic board?

Removing the board drives me nuts!

I see that removal of the connector is quite straightforward since you can sacrifice the connector itself - all videos I found just use soldering iron.

So I'd like to know how to put the new one.

I found a video where the connector is replaced using soldering iron with really small tip - they did it not taking the board out. It looks feasible, but you need to be Jedi not to break the connector.

My question is  are there other alternatives? For example, is it possible to use a heatgun, but place it above the board? (I've seen videos with a heatgun, but they place it below the board, so it needs to be taken out). Is it possible to use anything else (infrared lamp)?



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