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Contribution d'origine par : Joe24101 ,


Very interesting idea on the thickness of the drive.  I have the Inspiron 15R (5537)  and was using a Samsung  840 EVO disk without a problem until I upgraded to Windows 10.  I suspect that upgrading to Windows 10 had nothing to do with the problem.  But, moving the SSD in and out of the laptop to do backups may have caused a problem with the seating of the disk.  Since then I have  tried  a zillion reboots, boot settings, etc with no luck.  Tomorrow, I will try to add something to the thickness of the SSD and see if that works.  The SSD works fine on USB.  I also tried a different 840 EVO SSD  in the laptop with the same results.  Driver and BIOS updates from Dell didn't help.  I'm running out of options but I really would like to get the SSD working because it re markedly speeds up the system.