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Contribution d'origine par : Jimfixer ,


I don't want to seem contrary to Mia but as long as the LCD works and do check it out carefully looking at all corners and edges there's not need to change out the LCD. This way when you do change out the digitizer and glass you'll have the same sharp pic you had before . New LCD screens from anywhere but oem can look a little faded compared to old so if the picture under the broken glass isn't discolored blurred pixilated have lines in it. Just change the digitizer and glass. Do however make sure when buying on ebay or Amazon to read it carefully and make sure it says digitizer and glass as lot do sell just glass and that will do you no good. Also find yourself a very good tutorial to follow watch some youtube videos and don't overheat your screen when loosening the adhesive as this will cause fading in the lcd. Hope this helps