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Contribution d'origine par : Bella Boo ,


A few weeks ago . I was on my way to dance practice and my phone was perfectly fine. I was using it the whole time. Then i left it alone for a good 15 min and when my phone wouldn't turn on at all. There was nothing on the screen but it wasent my first time that this happen but. I was the first time that my home button didn't work. So i was crying and i was researching solutions to help me with my problem. And there were none i tried calling apple store and they didn't help at all. Then i tried to research again and i found a person that said to just leave your phone not charged for a day or a couple of miniutes . And i did that and the dead battery came up when i pressed the power button. I charged it and it working ever since then.  Im very greatful that it works and i hope i helped people with this comment.