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Contribution d'origine par : irish420311 ,


I think that this one will be difficult to upgrade the video card, but I suppose you could upgrade the RAM and hard drive and see a good bit of more performance if you get a Sold State Drive and max out the RAM, luckily I think the RAM is cheap for this PC, I think you will need PC2-5300 or 6400, it will run windows 7 fine with max RAM and a SSD, but I'm not certain about windows 8 or 10, only thing that will be holding you back will be the processor and I'm not sure what kind you have, more than likely a core 2 duo around 2.5GHz, and if so then I would stay at windows 7

Although you can find up to date Dell PC's for around 300-400$ that will work for at least 5 years, make sure you get the mid-tower or larger so if you do want to upgrade the video card later you will be able to