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Contribution d'origine par : Stephen Elliott ,


You said you have to jiggle the charger to get it to work?

If you have to wiggle/jiggle or biggle (my new word:) the charger in the port to get it to charge it's most likely losing connection to the traces on your motherboard. We've seen this a lot on the S3 in my store. If the charging port inside looks normal (no bent pins or damage) its possibly damage to the traces on the motherboard that connects the charging port to the motherboard. Unfortunately when this is the case I recommend another device or motherboard. You would basically need super human eyes to fix this part of the board. Even if you replace the charging port it might be a temporary fix if the connection to motherboard is poor/damaged.

I'd first inspect the inside the the charging port (see if there's any visible damage). I would say try a battery or another cable but if you have to adjust the cable, it prob won't work. I'll upload a picture of what I'm talking about soon.