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Contribution d'origine par : Michael2020 ,


How decide if the pump is putting out enough pressure?


I have read everything on this forum regarding this issue and taken action on everything without exception.

My Problem: water doesn't flow through my Portafilter - sometimes at all, but sometimes just too slow.

What I've Done: replaced the pump, removed and cleaned the boiler - looks every good inside - cleaned the machine with descaler - removed the brew head and cleaned everything inside the one-way valve - rebuilt the portafilter with new springs, parts.

Symptoms: priming the machine with the steam wand has plenty of pressure. heating the boiler seems to work fine and without the portafilter I get a steady flow of hot water from the brew head into a pot. If I place the portafilter on the brew head with no coffee grounds, it doesn't seem to build enough pressure to flow water so it only drips and doesn't flow water. Naturally with coffee it's worse.

Question: how can I gauge whether the new pump is putting out enough pressure? does anyone know how much water flows from the brew head without the portafilter in place? does anyone have a way to tell me the volume of water I should be seeing without the portafilter or some other way of gauging the pressure from the pump? I'm thinking the pump just isn't putting out enough pressure and perhaps it's those complicated little valves in there even those they are all new.


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