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Message d'origine par : Dennis Mwasela ,


Touchpad disabled every time I restart


hey guys, i own a toshiba satelite c660. some time back i installed virtual box, some few hours later, everything in the laptop broke down, the sound stop working, the vga was in its list resolution, the usb ports died, half of the keyboard failed, the touchpad stopped working, i tried and fixed all the problems, that is except the touchpad issue. when i log in, the touchpad is off, i enable it by fn + f9, but even if the laptop goes to sleep, the touchpad gets disabled again. It extends even when am installing other OS, i.e linux, the touchpad isnt working at all here and not even fn + f9 works. and i cant use an external mouse because the usb ports died completely, not even charging

please help


Toshiba Laptop