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Contribution d'origine par : James Stoy ,


Don't know why Fried RAM and Toasted Board sound so appetising? perhaps i am just hungry!

Hi Mayer,

Yes, i have come across a Computer (server in fact) frying RAM chips. It was a HP ML130G5, the problem was in fact the power supply. I had my workshop guys test the Power Supply and it had a few blown capacitors, this was causing over-voltage spikes.

The surges were running down the RAM Rails and frying the chips!

I would replace the power supply as soon as possible mate as turning it on and off with the supply in it's current state could be slowly damaging the other components such as the CPU.

I am just stating that this was my problem and that's how i fixed it, could be a completely separate problem for you though. If you do get it replaced and it works i'll be happy as RAM frying is an expensive game :)