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Contribution d'origine par : Deano ,


Hi all after some extensive research on the subject (constantly searching for signal )  you read all the forums and hey some will say it's an antenna problem so you replace it with no joy others say it's a time and date issue fixed with a manual edit yes it can be tedious as it will skip forward or back 10 years if you try to go to quick. Or someone else said replace the SIM card reader anyway you've done all of the above and still nothing. here is what I found!!start here! If you've ever removed a SIM card before you will notice that almost immediately the phone says no sim! But with a broken or damaged ic/baseband chip,without SIM card inserted, you will  notice that your phone Never says no SIM card and when you do put one in it's still searching only to continue forever. So then after all of this you think hey I'll just update with iTunes wrong again because hey presto error-1 so then more research and apparently it's the baseband chip causing the issue the whole time just had a quote of $85aus for parts and labour to repair it. If your thinking of trying to reflow it yourself or place it in the oven for 20 mins @180. consider the fact that for less than $100 you can have it repaired properly and a Pretty much new phone again if your still wanting more check out micro soldering or baseband chip repair  on YouTube then decide yourself. Hope this helps and saves everyone else from the same headaches.