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If you go to google and type in "how much for a replacement screen for samsung galaxy tab 4," then enter, it will show you they are about 20 bucks average. I have that screen open right now.

Next, find a local phone repair store around you. For me there are a couple on Harry Hines in Dallas, TX . Go in and ask how much for said screen and haggle over price. Make sure you ask for a replacement screen not to repair it. Actually you could ask both and compare prices. You wont like their repair price. If they try to charge you more than online then just casually tell them you will get it online because you dont have to have it right away. They may bargain with you they may not.

If they dont, go online and buy it. Whichever price you feel like paying.

Lastly, go on YouTube, (or you may want to do this first.) And look up how to repair a cracked screen. I looked up yesterday for samsung galaxy tab 3.0 or something like that and it was so easy. I dont have a heat gun so i will use a blow dryer. All i have to do is pull the front from the back, disconnect battery, disconnect screen, pull apart cover screen from lcd screen, (with help from blowdryer). Dont touch the lcd screen because they are hard to clean fingerprints from. Maybe use some rubber gloves from doctors. Then replace screen, plug in screen, plug in battery and snap back together. Ta-Da!!

Only cost me as much as a replaceme t screen and some of my time.