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Contribution d'origine par : Mateusz ,


OK you kinda give me ideabut something sounds kinda unrealistic

if the iOpener is heated to 80C (bloody fahrenheit....)

and if the adhisive melt at about 80-90C

then it would be inpossible to do it since you'll alweys get losses in thermal transfer ? (physics....)

does smb know that's the maximal temperature to use it? and what's the liquid inside? (i don't think it's water

...maybe Glycerol ?

boils at 290C and isn't toxic also ifixit said somewhere that if used incorrectly it could burst into flames and it has flash point of about 160-180C so it coulb be it (maybe mixed with water or so)

also what's that thin plastic? what's the temperature i can't use it anymore? (so i'll go bit lower)

any ideas?

and i'll maybe design some hotplate (40-120C)

(like ironplate and peltier module (i have skill to copper and zinc plate so it should look good))