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Is the logic board dead? (MacBook Unibody 2009)


Hi guys,

So I've recently acquired a white Unibody MacBook as a fixer-upper. I just need confirmation of the symptoms that the logic board is dead, because it '''simply doesn't turn on.'''

Here's what I know from the previous owner:

* It did not come with a MagSafe adapter (had to use my own 60W)
* It has apparently "not been used in two years"
* Pretty crusty and dirty, lots of grime and dirt on the edges, corners, and keyboard (gave everything a careful swabbing with Q-tips and 90% rubbing alcohol).

Here's what I've done:

# Plugged in MagSafe -- light was orange for maybe 5 seconds, then switched to solid green.
# Does not respond to the power button being pushed despite being plugged in.
# Opened it up, put in some new RAM (that I know is working). Repeated steps 1 and 2. No power.
# Left as-is, attempted to manually turn it on by shorting the "power pads". No power.
# Unplugged MagSafe, unplugged battery from logic board. Plugged MagSafe back in, stayed solid green. Pressed power button, no power.
# Repeated step 4 with battery unplugged, no power.

And that's the extent of my testing! Do these symptoms say the logic board is pooched? Or is there some other component I'm missing that prevents the MacBook from turning on?


MacBook Unibody Model A1342