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Contribution d'origine par : Joshua Bailey ,


If the motors are spinning up, it is likely an issue with the flight controller or ESC's. Have you tried calibrating the gyros? Turn the copter on and place on the level surface, I believe it is both sticks down and to the right (might be left, varies from manufacturer), hold and watch the LED's on the bottom flash, once the flashing stops it should be calibrated. I have seen that happen before after taking a crash. If the gyros don't agree with each other it won't fly.

Do the motors actually respond to the throttle up to  point? Meaning you can spin them up and down a little bit just not enough to take off? Or is it just spinning in Idle when you turn it on?

Also, I'm not sure if it was a question or just a comment, but you should always have 2 motors spinning clockwise, and 2 counter clockwise.