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Message d'origine par : Jan Bentley ,


Entire screen separated from lcd during battery replacement on iPhone


While beginning the steps for battery replacement on iPhone 5, the screen lifted without the LCD .  I was caught off guard to say the least.  I was using the suction cup method to lift the screen assembly.  I applied slow and constant pressure, when the screen showed signs of lifting, I used the plastic spunger tool, beginning in the lower left corner, to work the screen assembly free.  Once it lifted, I confirmed that I was only getting the glass by comparing what was lifting for me to the pictures and video in the iphone 5 battery replacement guide by Andrew Optimus Goldberg.  I have been searching both the iFixit site as well as trying different Google searches.  I am unable to find any information as to how to proceed or even if I should.  I have found nothing that explains how to get the LCD assembly out if it is not attached to the glass.  Everything I read tells me that separating the glass from the LCD is an extremely difficult procedure.  Since I have been unable to find the necessary information, I put the phone back together and will wait until I'm able to get a response.  The information I have found so far would seem to imply that heat is what is the general cause of the glass and the LCD to unbond.  The phone is carried in a breast pocket of a shirt for the most part.  Occasionally in the hammer pocket on shorts or work pants.  Heat during charging has not been a problem.  With the phone back together, there don't seem to be any problems with lag or the screen appearance having issues.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


iPhone 5