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Contribution d'origine par : jeromeperelman ,


I experienced the same problem on mine (A1369). It’s funny (if I can say so) that after a few hours without being used (especially if I take it somewhere in a bag), the problem occurs 100% of the time. I’m pretty sure it’s the lvds cable (not knowing exactly if it’s the cable itself or a soldering default), so I ordered on eBay a new replacement cable (here : for a few euros (I’m in France). As soon as I’m ready to operate, I’ll do it and keep you informed if display get better. I hope so, because it doesn’t seem VERY simple to do with the bezel which as to be taken away to access one side of the cable plug. Everybody says this step can be uneasy. I’m quite at my ease with screws and all that (did several repairs on different macs), but I'm pretty unsure that this glued bezel will still seem new after I did the repair…

Anyway I’ll keep everybody informed when it’s done. Even if I’m obliged to buy a new 2016 MBA (which would certainly be a good and expensive replacement solution)...