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Contribution d'origine par : jayeff ,



Try making a call using the earphones with the microphone attachment. If you can be heard by the other person then the voice sending circuitry of your phone is OK and that there is a problem with the phone's internal microphone. It is either faulty or its' connection to the systemboard has come loose.

If you can't hear the phone ringing when somebody calls you, and you have checked the ringtone volume settings, then the loudspeaker of the phone, is either faulty or it too has lost its' connection to the systemboard.

Try turning the 'vibrate' function on so that at least you will be able to hear (feel) something when a call comes in and by using the earphones/microphone at least you can still use the phone until it is fixed.

You haven't dropped the phone or banged it against something, have you? In any event, the phone will have to be opened and inspected to ascertain what the problems are with the internal microphone and the loudspeaker.