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Contribution d'origine par : Brian ,


It still lives! The 13" MacBook Pro I had asked about so long ago it feels like. "LittleBigMac" is one heck of a soldier and still runs strong with my photo editing in Aperture and Photoshop.

I can proudly say that with the latest upgrade to this same MacBook Pro, it's doing an amazing job running with OS X El Capitan and The latest upgrade in question is a 1GB SSD so I can really benefit the most of what this five year old Mac has to offer. Similar PC's would have be replaced by now but with a new battery, the 16GB system RAM upgrade, and just good general maintenance, this has been the absolute best laptop I have ever owned.

While I am still waiting for the SSD to arrive, I have been backing up my files from my home folder since I wish to do a clean install from it's initial shipping OS version to boot and then perform a network install just to have a clutter free system directory as I have never had any failure requiring an OS repair, re-install.

Many balk at me still rocking an old Mac like mine but it's never actually failed me ever. Plus the removal of optical drives in current Macs is rather frustrating so some old games I will have to give up on unless I wish to carry a bus powered external Apple SuperDrive and find an adapter if I wish to continue the practical included original MagSafe connector and beauty of the 27" ACD that has been a fantastic monitor.

I wish more PC's would have adopted MiniDisplayPort as a standard for full AV I/O let alone ThunderBolt which seems even less likely. I love my monitor and I feel for any computer of any kind, the best part of your budget should be in the monitor. Sure it's no 4K or even 5K like the latest iMac models with retina displays.

I will invest in a new Mac soon enough once this one I have stops being useful entirely. I'm just amazed at the longevity of Apple hardware and just how some models simply happen to be the best around.