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Help for software updates after os10.11 hard drive crashed


HI again everyone. I was on here a couple weeks ago when my hard drive crashed with my Mac 10.11 OS. They had to replace it with a new one and the old hard drive is unreadable (at least at Best Buy). I have 2 main issues: My Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL Scanner's driver is unreadable after Apple assisted me in copying over the older version of ScanWizard software (I had it updated to their Scan Potter on my iMac that crashed) but the little support I got from Microtel (from Taiwan now) was unsuccessful. The update they said should work would open from my downloads.

The second thing is with Apple's help again my CS4 Adobe Suite was copied over to my iMac that crashed (with the my book) now I have a error 6 message when I try to open all of them except Bridge, which I don't use (of course). CS4 was working fine on here before the hard drive went belly up! I have tried looking on the internet for help on the error 6 message, but no luck yet. Thanks in advance for any help!



iMac Intel 27" EMC 2546