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Contribution d'origine par : Nick kus ,


Ok guys, I repair boards and can shed a little light that might help. First off the black tape can matter so change it all. What is important is the tape on the back of the plugs the most. It serves a dual purpose of helping with a mechanical connection and anti static. The other black tape may help (back of rear cam, backlight tape, and tape over flash bracket) but prob not. Also the bad battery or heating battery doesn't cause issues, its the heating board. Excess heat causes resistance to any circuit. Another thing to remember is to always disconnect the battery when doing a screen. There is voltage in the plug pins and when your sliding the plug in it could short that voltage to the pins next to it. Turning the phone off before disconnecting the battery shouldn't matter though. Finally what no one wants to hear is that it could be your touch chip on the board.  There are 2, one goes bad and causes zebra lines and no touch, the other causes no touch and ghosting. There are also a host of capacitors and a chip and coil that send power to the touch chips. At the end of it all, here's the scoop. If you put the old cracked screen on or another original Apple iPhone screen on and it works again, it's most likely one of 2 things. The first is you got a bad aftermarket screen. Screen refurbing is hard on the lcd and digitizer and getting bad ones happen. The second is how the plugs on the aftermarket screens are. These can be changed and a tell tale sign is no black puffy tape on the back of the connectors. Aftermarket plugs don't fit the same and that tape has a purpose. There is a reason the metal plate screws over those plugs, a mechanical bond is required. So if you have replaced cables with no tape, first clean the plugs on the board (with bat disconnected) with 90% alcohol and a toothbrush. Then plug them in and put the old tape from the other cables on the new screen. If you don't have the old screen, 2 or 3 layers of electrical tape squares at the end of each connector over the metal backs of the plugs will do. Finally if the touch is bad on old screen and new and all the tape is there or it's an original screen, you are looking at a board issue. I'm not sure of too many people that do the stuff I do but odds are if you can find one, they will be on eBay.  It is safe to send out to these people only if..... The phone is completely unusable anyway AND if not repaired there is a 100% refund AND <<< (this is a big and) they guarantee to send the phone back the same way it left. This means if it powered up before it better after the repair even if the touch doesn't work. You don't want it to lose value if not repaired. If this isn't in their message then send them a message personally and get them to guarantee those 3 things.. Hope this helps ;)