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Contribution d'origine par : Larry Wodell ,


This is so important I am going to copy from Noah Ackerman.

"This is a tube amp with about 400VDC available on the B+, you could easily kill yourself trying to service this amp if you don't know what you are doing and follow high voltage safe working guidelines. If you haven't given up yet, make sure you discharge the power supply filter caps before doing anything else. If you have any question at all regarding the previous statements, just give up and take it to a qualified technician.

Drain the power supply filter caps"!!! All his troubleshooting is spot on, but with it being so old I would just change all the electrolytic capacitors they only have max 20 year lifespan the hum is bad caps problem and no signal is a coupling cap that tube amps have lots.

I use Craig Laboratories DeoxIT D100L, D5 spray if I remember correctly there is reverb out jacks and the switch contacts could be dirty use the D5.