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Liquid damage, only works plugged into AC, charging light green, help


I spilled liquid on a protected (covered) keyboard, causing liquid to roll to the back and enter machine and enter there.    Attempted to dry for days without success.  As a hail-mary, I cracked it open, did some basic topical cleaning, and then it turned back on!  Unfortunately, I noticed that it would not stay on, and now will only work plugged into the wall.  It starts with a 1% battery, but when you log in, it turns to 0%.  When you unplug from wall, it immediately turns off.

I am an amateur, so did a lot of research, and tried the following:

(1) thoroughly cleaned logic board etc with alcohol.   Did not notice anything corroded that jumped out at me, but not sure what I am looking for.  I did notice on red dot (sensor) on the upper right side of the logic board.  All sensors on the battery were white;

(2) replaced I/O board (no change);

(3) tore everything down to clean, re-set battery (no change).  I did, however, notice that one compartment on the battery appears to be filled with a little air, like it is expanding for some reason;

(4) re-set SMC and PRC

I hear that there is a "charging circuit" on the logic board, but I can't find it.   Can anyone help me identify what the problem is, please??  Ive attached logic board pics  can someone tell me what I am looking for?




MacBook Air 11" Late 2010