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Contribution d'origine par : Salami ,


It would make sence to be able to add 2x1TB later this year. Samsung will launching their upgrades to the product line early 2nd half this year.

Also interesting information to know that Trendforce and Objective Analysis are forecasting SSD price drop for a convetional HDD level in 2018 or 2019. Objective Analysis was the more pessimistic in their forecast. For a year 2016 optimistic estimate is that SSD prices are falling till end of this year avg. 30%.

And for year 2017 the trend of fall is more steep.

One of the most interesting thing would be to know how is your Vaio Canvaz '''PureLIN''' 256GB (or is it 2x128GT) model is performancing against '''MIKESF''' 2x512GB (RAID-0 ???) model with -software.

PCIe3 x4 maximal bus speed is 3938MB/s and measeured average R/W speed for SM951 Pro 512MB are 1991MB/1350MB.

So in theory, you '''MIKESF''' are utilizing full bus speed if the disks are configured for RAID-0.

And you '''PureLIN''' shouldnt be able to achieve same reultus with '''MIKSESF''', since R/W speed are lower for 128GB disk.

If you guys do the benchmark, please post the link to the result here. Here is my laptop result, get a good laugh.