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Contribution d'origine par : barbara ocone ,


One other piece of advice:

top of tablet wher you have the power key, to the right is an open slot in

frame to insert a Sim card, you can separate the bottom case from top there by

pushing both apart, in once you expose the battery you can unplug it for a

minute and re plug it,, close it up ,,should fix it, if not a replacement

tablet can be ordered via

For me the following worked, which is what people already said above:

1)    Simultaneously press the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

2)    Use the volume down button to go down to highlight the last line which is believed to be a reboot.  The 9th line of asian characters.

3)    Press the center of the volume button, to select that last line.   Once doing this the tablet started to reboot.