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Why is my computer running slow all the sudden.


So I'm a gamer i love playing games like cs go and stuff like that arma aswell. So it was about a month ago i got on my computer about 6 in the morning to train with my cs go team and windows 10 upgrade popped up didn't really read it but im pretty sure it was windows 10 so i clciked install on the 29th I didn't care and i took a nap woke up about at 5 my computer started running slow i then cancelled the upgrade for windows 10 and it was still running slow a week later i just reset my pc fully and it was still slow so i upgraded to windows 10 it was still slow and i decided to open up my steam machine and maybe clear out the dust i didn't use any type of product i just blew it out i got back on and it was still running slow i don't know what to do at this point please i really need help. Other stuff 1. when i play my pc gets pretty loud and the louder it got the more laggier it was 2. and the longer i played the more worse the lag would get. 3. I had the pc for almost 8 months by now i can replace some stuff if i need to but i would rather not but i do want my old pc back thank you who ever helps me here you will be forever in my gratitude.


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