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Contribution d'origine par : Tim Gentry ,


Laptop will not charge, does not recognize power cable


So I bought an Asus ROG G751JT 8 months ago, and it's been fine up until last month, when it stopped charging plugged into the power cord (The green battery charging light does not come on). Didn't use it for a few days thinking it was bricked and would have to be sent in for repairs, but then one day it magically decided to charge again.

Everything's been good and fine up until last night, when while I was using it (stationary, on a table) the brightness of my screen changed a few times, indicating the laptop switching back and forth from AC to battery power, and it is now back to not charging at all. Is the laptops power adaptor connection to blame? The cable fits snugly, but perhaps not as snugly as I would like (there is a little give to it when wiggled side to side).

Really sort of bummed out that my first $1,500 foray back into Windows as resulted in a bricked computer in under a year, when my Mac has been chugging along for over 6. Any help would be really appreciated. :(


Asus ROG G751JT-CH71