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Contribution d'origine par : petercloud29 ,


1.    Type a MAC address of your repeater router device into the repeater Mac address 1 box.

2.    Then, note down a mac address of your router from the wireless mac of this particular router field on this page.

3.    Click Apply.

4.    After that, you have to connect your computer to the wireless router which you want to use as the repeater using the standard Ethernet cable.

5.    Login to your router device [|using the ip address], default username and password.

6.    Click advanced and also wireless repeating function.

7.    Type your base station mac address in the appropriate box.

8.    In this step, you have to enter the IP address of your repeater router in to the repeater IP address box. For the Netgear router, this ip address must be Then, click Apply.