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Ok, just because there are no missing drivers, it doesn't mean that generic drivers aren't being used. I would still bother to try and download the correct ones to be sure.

To find your motherboard model, open a command prompt (type 'cmd' on the Start menu and press Enter), and type (or paste) this (no speech marks):

'wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,version,serialnumber'

If installing the correct drivers makes no difference to the slowness you're seeing, something else must be the cause.

With regard to what ETHREAL1 said, he's right that 4GB of RAM can't be fully used in a 32 bit OS, but my view is that an older dual core CPU like yours isn't really good enough to run 64 bit, so I think you're made the right choice going with 32 bit.

You said that all the RAM slots are full. If you have 2 slots, you must have 2 x 2GB. If you have 4 slots, you must have 4 x 1GB. Either way, the RAM should be operating in full dual channel mode. If you were to up the amount to 6GB, I'm pretty sure you would need 4 slots, and 2 x 2GB + 2 x 1GB for full dual channel. Otherwise (providing the board supports Intel Flex technology), only the first 4GB would be in dual channel, and the rest wouldn't. It's always best to go for RAM amounts that can be halved to an even number, to maximize on performance and upgradeability.

PS No judgement being made - just asking, as many of us have done it at some point, but is the version on Windows 'legit'? I ask, because there are many copies with malware or viruses injected - you don't know what you're getting. For peace of mind, I'd recommend not doing that, but no aspersions being cast! Something to bear in mind.