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Contribution d'origine par : Jacques Beaulieu ,


I,  to removed  the front lens mount.first remouved the leather in the front so you can see the four screws holding the front  plate ,now you see the mirror system,many  model you ad to removed the top cover plus the chrom screw on top of the lens mount, first moved the shutter  curtain to the left side,camera facing you with your finger.if you ear a click, the mirror system and shutter are realease, check for sticky foam near the shutter roller curtain, spring tension in shutter curtain,broken plastic gear at the bottom of the mirror box,clutch spring in the winding system so the camera is not winding all the way so you can not release the camera,remember when you push on the release,mirror goes up and releases first shutter curtain and second shutter curtain with that gear at the bottom of the mirror box return the mirror in the original position.