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Contribution d'origine par : Nicolas Siemsen ,


All heat, all the time, is usually a sign that there is an electrical problem. The monovalve is opened (to allow hot coolant to flow to the heater core) by the ground side of the circuit. If you are getting very hot air all the time then the monovalve is seeing a ground at all times.

Before anything else, check the connector on top of the monovalve. It is a small black plastic plug that could have been knocked off while you were changing the front shocks or air filter mounts.

If the plug is still attached, the problem MAY be in your climate control push button panel or it MAY be in your temperature regulator (silver box behind the glove box). Both can be replaced for units that have been rebuilt.

One quick thing to try that may give you some relief in the meantime - if you have not already, try turning the temperature wheel on your dash until it clicks in to the MIN setting. By design, this cuts the ground to the monovalve entirely. One of my cars has the all heat issue, except when in the MIN setting, so I use that during the summer to get me by until I got a chance to look it all over.